Things to do whilst self-isolating at home. Coronavirus edition

If you’re like the millions of other people self-isolating or on lockdown worldwide you’re probably bored out of your damn mind, so here are some tips that will keep you busy.  


Your home, like your body, is your temple, it is the place where you sleep, eat, read, rest, laugh and recharge. You should feel comfortable in your home. You can rearrange your space by: painting, buying new furniture or having a spring clean. 

Workout at home

The gyms are closed, start exercising indoors. Regular exercise has excellent benefits, it keeps you healthy, it’s a wonderful stress reliever/energy booster, it’s great for your mental health,  it helps you become stronger and more self-disciplined. 

There are many fitness gurus and healthy food pages that will help you stay healthy and active:

Food/Exercise Pages:


The most important exercise equipment for me are: a skipping rope, resistance band, mat, kettle-bell and dumbbells. If you can’t find any equipment, you can still do body weight and HiiT workouts .

  • S Core Fitness – I swear by my woven resistance band and sweatbelt – you can also get loads of other fitness equipment (including a skipping ropes) for an affordable price –
  • Argos – Kettlebells- skipping Ropes, various other weight –
  • Amazon

Stay off your phone

Make an active effort to stay away from your phone. You’re being bombarded with the same negative messages daily and it’s unhealthy. 

Meditate and start journalling.

When I am bothered to meditate,  I do deep breathing exercises in my room, you can also use the headspace app or the Inside App.

I have two journals – one where I write my thoughts, the other where I express my gratitude.  I find journalling really helpful because once I’ve written about something I’m dealing with and I close my journal it’s like I’ve closed that chapter and a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Also I hate to talk about the things repeatedly and certain topics I rather keep in a book than in a friend’s mind so I journal instead. 

Pick up a new Skill 

There is an abundance of resources and skills out there , it just depends on where you spend your time on the net. Almost everything you want to learn in this life is on YouTube and Google. The rest are on Udemy, Alison, Foundr.  I also listen to a great podcast called Earn Your Leisure. Utilise the resources around you, especially if they’re free.  

  • – Everything you can think of
  • – The World’s search engine
  • –  Home of paid and free courses
  • –  Free courses heaven
  • –  Great for starting a business
  • Open Univeristy – Free courses from the Open University
  • – A powerful way to learn online
  • – Online learning platform
  • –  Courses from the best universities worldwide (e.g. MIT & Havard)

Start a blog

There are approximately 4.54 billion people who use the internet daily, why not let one person view your thoughts? You can start blog on almost anything so if you’re interested, WordPress is great for beginners.

Plan a post lockdown trip 

Think of all the places you can go after all of this is over – obviously don’t book any flights until everything is back to normal but have something in mind to look forward to.

Video call your friends and family

You can’t see your loved ones faces in real life, but you can video call them using houseparty, whatsapp, skype, facetime, google hangout and  zoom. 

Have an Indoor Pamper Day

Buy bath salts, face masks, sanctuary spa body scrubs/exfoliators and a pedicure set from amazon to take care of your skin and create your a spa in the comfort of your own home.

Netflix/Disney Plus/Amazon Prime Videos.

Watch your favourite series and movies, whilst discovering new ones. Netflix is my favourite streaming  service but Amazon prime has great benefits because you  can stream and get your items delivered. I like ordering things at 11 am and receiving them by 7 pm the same day. 

All have free trials:


Disney + :

Amazon (Please click the below affiliate link)


Paint or colour something

Do some abstract painting or buy a colouring book – it’s soothing, creative and different. I recently won the Cats love Beyoncé book by Kazvare Made It which I love, colouring awakens the inner child in you. 


Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is sleep. We’re all tired. Most of us are gaining two hours back each day, due to not travelling to work, use that time to your advantage and get some extra sleep. Some of us won’t get this time at home again, so rest. We’ve all wished that the weekend could be longer, now the weekend might never end… (just kidding, kinda). 

Read a book

There are so many books you can choose from. In March, the Book Soiree read The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson.  In April we are reading The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change by Charles Duhigg  



To conclude there are so many things you can do whilst self isolating. As self-isolation saves the nation, everything mentioned in this post can be bought online so get shopping and stay busy. Please stay safe and remember to sanitise your parcels after you receive them.

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