The Book Soiree

I’ve decided to start a book club, or Book Soiree as I like to call it.

Every month, soiree members will read a pre-chosen book and come together at the end of the month to discuss what they liked, disliked, found interesting etc via social media and email.

Reading for fun is really important and I know how many people complain about not reading enough (me included), so I created the Book Soiree.

We will be reading books that are interesting, unlike the boring ones you were forced to read in GCSE English.

To find out what we’re reading: Book of the Month

For book reviews: click here

To join, please sign up to our mailing list .

Important Notes :

  1. The Book of the month will be announced on/or before the 1st of each new month
  2. Questionnaires will be sent out to those in the Soiree Members to discuss what they thought about the book, if they liked it or disliked it. A review will be posted shortly after.
  3. Some discussions may happen on socials – so make sure you follow us on twitter and instagram.
  4. If you’ve already read the book feel free to send your opinions to