Staying positive whilst adapting to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Millions of people worldwide are self-isolating due to COVID-19 and a lot of us are finding it hard to believe that this is our reality, how our plans have been put on hold until further notice, there is no end in sight, and for now, there’s nothing we can do about it.

There’s a lot of uncertainty and worry for the future but in times like this we have to be optimistic. Not optimistic to the point that we’re oblivious to reality and we try to suppress our sadness for our plans being cancelled (we’re human we’re allowed to have emotions, including negative ones), but optimistic that we can get through this.

The best way to get through this is by self-isolating and going out only if absolutely necessary saves lives. Additionally, having a positive mindset and adapting to things we cannot control instead of letting them to control us also helps.

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Before I talk about the ways we can adapt and stay positive, I want to be really honest about how I feel because I know many people can relate:

This situation sucks. Oh my God, why is this happening? Why are there so many deaths? Why do I even have to write a post about getting through a pandemic? Wtf is this and wtf is this happening? Why doesn’t the NHS have enough equipment and protective gear when this virus has been around since January? Why can’t I see my mates and find pasta in Asda? Why is all the toilet roll gone? I miss the heat that hits you as soon as you step off a plane in a hot country. I miss having two screens. I miss the gym. I miss Hakkasan. I miss Dirty Bones. I miss Gauchos’ Electro Brunch. I miss Be @ One, Dirty Martini and BoxPark – heck I even miss clubbing. I miss going to Tesco and Asda and seeing full shelves.

I miss going outside freely.

Why does life feel like the movie contagion with a sprinkle of 28 days later (minus the zombies).



In the grand scheme of things my problems are not that bad and I thank God they are not, but I’m upset – word to Drake. I had to write about this abnormal situation because these are abnormal times and I’ve been finding it hard. I’ll be going about my day then suddenly I’ll remember the UK is on lockdown then I’ll go about my day again.

Or I’ll wake up and think:

‘Damn, this is really happening.’

Sarah (Every morning since March 17th 2020)

How we can adapt:

We can adapt by using our time tangibly through journalling and other interesting things. Read my post here.

Right now, a lot of us have the opportunity to complete the things we never had time to do (including sleep).

Staying positive and optimistic:

We have to stay optimistic that we can get through this. Being upset and worried for prolonged periods of time does not solve anything. You’re always allowed to show your emotions, however wallowing in your own sadness for weeks on end is not good – unless you’re grieving & if so, my heart goes out to you and I pray you find peace.
Remember Nothing lasts forever
Bad situations don’t last forever, like the old saying goes – ‘This too shall pass’. There have been pandemics before and people have pushed through, this will not be different so we can and will get through this. For instance, life has almost returned to normality in the country where it all started.
Stop watching the news for hours on end and stay off twitter
The news is literally saying the same things over and over and over again. The virus is everywhere, people are dying and it doesn’t affect young people as much as it affects the elderly. You do not need to hear about doom and despair constantly, so limit yourself to watching the news once or twice a day.
Switch to a gratitude mindset
This is one I struggle with when things get hard but it is an important mindset to adopt. A gratitude mindset helps you appreciate what you have and not pay attention to what you are lacking or thought you were lacking. You can change the narrative to almost anything with gratitude.
For example:

  1. I’m so bored from working at home versus I am blessed to have a job that allows me to work from home safely and still pay my bills. My prayers to anyone who is a key worker or have families and friends that are key workers or have been affected by this.
  2. The days keep going slowly versus my day is less busy, which now gives me the opportunity to do things I was previously unable to do.
  3. It sucks being away from my friends versus I am looking forward to reuniting with my amazing friends as this situation has made us value each other more.

Video Call friends/partners/family

You and your loved ones are going through the same things, you can video call them to get some normalcy in your life.
You cannot control everything so why try to?
If you want to stay optimistic, you have to understand that you cannot control everything in this life and the world’s turmoil is not for you to take on personally, so why internalise every bad thing that happens? Life is for living, you were not put on this earth to feel despair. Bad things will always happen but so do good things.

I’m a Christian, God is great and I feel better after praying, some great verses are:

  • Pslam 91 – A prayer for God’s protection
  • Pslam 23 – The Lord is my Shepherd
  • Proverbs 3:5-7/John 16:33 / Psalm 27:1- Trusting in God
  • 1 Corinthians 10:13 – Endurance
  • Romans 8:38-39 – Separation from God.


To conclude, the way you can stay positive through the coronavirus pandemic is by:

  1. Believing you can all get through this
  2. Staying at home
  3. Praying
  4. Video calling your loved ones, you’re all in the same boat so why not talk and cheer each other up.
  5. Spend less time watching the news
  6. Not internalising the world’s turmoil.
  7. Journalling
  8. Using your time tangibly by doing things you never had time to do e.g. redecorating, sleeping and spending time with your family.

Peace, love and blessings. (1).png

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