Asteria Hair Company Aliexpress – 1 month update

In the last week of May I spent £130.01 on 4 bundles straight and a free part closure from Asteria Hair on aliexpress.

I turned it into a unit and used only 3 bundles, I turned this into a unit.


3 bundles of straight Brazilian and a free closure:  £102.54

1 bundle of straight Brazilian hair: £29.05

Straight Asteria Hair 2 (1)

Straight Asteria Hair 3


  1. The hair is soft
  2. True to length
  3. Passed the burn test
  4. Fast delivery (5 days to reach the UK)
  5. All bundles were the same length & quality
  6. Thick
  7. The knots bleached well


  1. Split Ends
  2. Closure has shed a bit but it’s by a small amount compared to what I’m dealing with sparkle diva and yolissa hair closures which has a bald spot in the middle -.-

Overall I would buy the hair again.

I will update this over time to see how the hair lasts and if it can be dyed etc.



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