Luvin Hair AliExpress Review

Update 29:04:18

I bought more bundles last month, the hair can be bleached and dyed and my other wig is still in good condition.

I still have the first wig I made using there hair, it’s been over 6 months and it’s in great condition. If you buy this hair seal the wefts m as it sheds when washed. The bleached bundle shed a bit but its still soft.

Update 11.11.17:

As aliexpress are having an 11:11 sale, I thought I’d give you an update as I know people are looking at this review. This is how the hair looks and I still love it. It’s so thick and I still have some bundle to spare. I did a quick straighten because it was very thick and unstyled. I made a unit out of it and cut it a bit.

In the last week of May I spent £145.30 on 4 bundles of 26″ straight during the Aliexpress sale.
Link to hair:


  1. The hair is soft
  2. True to length
  3. Passed the burn test
  4. Cute packaging
  5. Fast delivery (5 days to reach the UK)
  6. All bundles were the same length & quality
  7. Thick


  1. Split Ends

Overall I would buy the hair again.

I will update this over time to see how the hair lasts and if it can be dyed etc.

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          1. Make sure you leave some delivery time before you buy the hair, aliexpress have changed their shipping for buying hair so now it takes like 7-15 working days instead of the normal 3-7

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